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Open Peer Review
Post-Publication Peer Review

2022 – Session 3

May, 19 – Guest Speaker: José Luis Ortega, member of the Joint Research Unit “Innovation, Transfer and Knowledge” between CSIC and University of Córdoba

Talk: “Post publication peer review and the detection of errors and misconduct: The case of PubPeer”

José Luis Ortega is a Tenure Scientist in the Institute for Advanced Social Studies (IESA) from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). PhD in Information Science by the Charles III University of Madrid (2007). He is specialist in Bibliometrics and Web studies, studying issues related to new scholarly publishing and dissemination ways on the Web (Scholarly social networks, Academic search engines, Altmetrics, etc.). Today, he is focused on the study of mistakes and scientific misconduct reported in social networks (PubPeer) using a bibliometric approach.